Christof Paar

Investing In The Fund

Our Fund is open for investment through September 30, 2017 by any individual or entity that is an “accredited investor” as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission. We accept investments of $100,000 or more (unless we determine that the investor provides strategic benefits that justify a lesser financial investment).

Investors are required to complete and execute subscription documents and become a party to the Fund’s limited partnership agreement. The Fund’s limited partnership agreement sets forth the Fund’s distribution policies, governance and other terms and conditions that we consider to be customary for a venture capital fund except that the compensation (also known as the “carried interest”) that a venture capital fund would typically pay to its managers is donated by the Fund directly to UMass Amherst.

Investors must accept their own responsibility for any decision to invest in our Fund and rely solely on their own professional advisors with respect to the financial, legal and tax implications of their investment. 

Donating to Support the Fund

We also welcome supporters who are willing to forego any investment return from the Fund. They may make contributions to UMass Amherst that are earmarked for the university to invest in the Fund. This will enable 100% of the returns from that investment to benefit UMass Amherst. 

How to Invest or Donate

Prospective investors or donors may express their interest and receive further information by contacting us. Contact us for more information.